Hello I'm

Jorn Bijen

A little story about me.

I am Jorn Bijen. 18 years old and I live in the Netherlands. I'm a guy who is always challanging himself. Push yourself to the limits, do something that you haven't done before and have fun in the work you do. And don't forget the golden rule: if you start something, finish it!

Camera work

Create some awesome shots, edit the production and add sound to the movie. That's what I love.


With my knowledge of webdesign and the hosting industry I can design and create a stunning website.


I run my web hosting business since 2015. You can check it online at www.beezdesign.nl.

Check out my portfolio

My showreel

This is my most recent work. I've created this showreel to show my skills in one video. This is the first time that I worked with a voice-over in a video.

In my opinion the voice-over worked pretty well. It strength the images so the elements works together perfectly.

Video: Hovering Above

This is a video that I made during my holiday. All the shots are filmed in France.

The music that I used in this video comes from Coldplay.

Video: aftermovie carnival

A video that I made for a local association. You can feel the atmosphere in this video,

available to create for you!

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